The G2 Gallery offers a wide variety of events. Gallery-sponsored events are open to the public and create a space for artists, environmentalists, and the community to use art as a tool to initiate fascinating eco-conscious conversations.

Artist Talk: Jennifer MaHarry

Join Jennifer MaHarry at The G2 Gallery to hear about her inspirational conservation photography. She’ll take you behind-the-scenes of her wild horse photos to explore the issues that jeopardize their very survival. Jennifer will share, through her talk and her photographs, her passion for other threatened species—from canids to birds of prey—illustrating the importance of […]

Artist Talk: Cheyne Walls

​Join​ fine art photographer Cheyne Walls at The G2 Gallery as he talks about capturing nature’s landscapes. He will discuss photography’s important role in the creation of our National Parks and why its important to share photos with others to inspire them to explore nature. He will also revisit his photographic experiences and share tips […]

Samy’s Camera and The G2 Gallery present Bigger Than You

From the majestic rock faces of Yosemite Valley to the countless stars in the Milky Way galaxy, awe-inspiring wonders are everywhere. Stan Moniz, extreme photographer, joins The G2 gallery for an evening event to share how he has felt the sensation of just being a small speck in an extraordinary world. Stan will show his […]

Artist Reception: Designed Environment

Apophenia is the human tendency to perceive and assign meaning to patterns in our environment. The G2 Gallery’s next group exhibit, Designed Environment, will feature photography that highlights architectural forms, geometric sequences, and symmetrical patterns found in nature. Subjects can range from a rock formation with an undulating shape resembling a famous building, to a […]

G2 Green Earth Film Festival

Celebrating its fifth year, The G2 Green Earth Film Festival will be held for the first time at Loyola Marymount University.