The G2 Gallery has hosted over 100 events since opening in 2008. Many memories and friendships have been created during these celebrations, which include artist receptions, pet adoptions, the annual G2 Green Earth Film Festival and pop-up events.

Artist Talk: Scott Logan

Join naturalist and photographer Scott Logan at The G2 Gallery for an exploration into macrophotography and the world it reveals. This event is free and open to the public. Please RSVP.

G2 Green Earth Film Festival

Please join The G2 Gallery and Loyola Marymount University for the 5th Annual G2 Green Earth Film Festival. Please visit to reserve free tickets.

Opening Reception – The Gottlieb Native Garden: A Closer Look & Designed Environment

Join The G2 Gallery in celebrating two new exhibits:  The Gottlieb Native Garden: A Closer Look & Designed Environment This event is open to the public. Please RSVP.

Samy’s Camera and The G2 Gallery present Bigger Than You

Please join The G2 Gallery and Samy’s Camera for an upcoming lecture on nature photography. This event is free and open to the public. Please RSVP.

Artist Talk: Cheyne Walls

​Join​ fine art photographer Cheyne Walls at The G2 Gallery as he talks about capturing nature’s landscapes. He will discuss photography’s important role in the creation of our National Parks and why it’s important to share photos with others to inspire them to explore nature. He will also revisit his photographic experiences and share tips […]

Mutts, Kittens & Mimosas

Mutts, Kittens & Mimosas is expected to attract animal lovers from all over Los Angeles County to the esteemed G2 Gallery—Supporting Art & the Environment. Meet your new best friend while viewing breathtaking photography by local artists Jennifer MaHarry and Cheyne Walls, and sipping mimosas. St. Martin’s Animal Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the […]

Artist Talk: Jennifer MaHarry

Join Jennifer MaHarry at The G2 Gallery to hear about her inspirational conservation photography. She’ll take you behind-the-scenes of her wild horse photos to explore the issues that jeopardize their very survival. Jennifer will share, through her talk and her photographs, her passion for other threatened species—from canids to birds of prey—illustrating the importance of […]

Artist Reception: Jennifer MaHarry and Cheyne Walls

The G2 Gallery’s upcoming exhibits will feature two solo photography shows: Jennifer MaHarry: New Wilderness and Cheyne Walls: Miles from Los Angeles.

Samy’s Camera Presents: National Parks Service Artist in Residence Grant Info Session

Learn the ins and outs of applying for art grants with Bob Killen.

Artist Talk: Stories of Wilderness from Susan McConnell

Susan McConnell, Professor of Biology at Stanford University, will explore our notions of wilderness and wild places through the lens of nature and wildlife photography. She’ll focus on two of her favorite species: African elephants and lions, whose numbers are diminishing due to poaching and conflict with local communities.

Artist Talk: Behind the Camera with Roberto Cabral

Join Roberto Cabral at The G2 Gallery to learn the story behind each photograph on view in the exhibit Roberto Cabral: Fragile Strength. When Roberto traveled to Africa in February, he had an emotional and transformative experience. He will share the spiritual changes that took place on his adventures in the African savannah while photographing iconic African […]

Artist Reception: Susan McConnell and Roberto Cabral

Join The G2 Gallery in celebrating our new exhibitions: Susan McConnell: On the Shoulders of Giants & Roberto Cabral: Fragile Strength Join G2 on safari with two exhibits featuring African animals. Susan McConnell: On the Shoulders of Giants explores the grandeur, power and beauty of land’s largest mammal, the African elephant. Susan combines her expertise in animal behavior with […]

Artist Talk: An evening with Phase One and Andrei Duman

On Saturday, April 22, The G2 Gallery will host Artist Talk: An Evening with Phase One and Andrei Duman. The event will include an introduction to the Phase One XF 100 MP camera system by a Phase One representative with a hands-on demo for guests, a presentation by the talented travel and aerial photographer Andrei […]

Bird Yoga

Celebrate Bird LA Day at the renowned G2 Gallery with a gentle yoga flow set to bird soundscapes. The class will feature a light, easy flow to warm up the body before moving into restorative yin poses. Class will end with a brief meditation to focus on the melodic vibrations of various bird songs.

Artist Reception: Andrei Duman and Holly Peskin

Join The G2 Gallery in celebrating our new exhibition with participating artists: Andrei Duman: Aerials to Animals & Emerging IX: Holly Peskin The G2 Gallery is thrilled to present the work of nature, wildlife and travel photographer Andrei Duman and emerging bird photographer Holly Peskin. Andrei’s exhibit features a wide range of photographs from his travels through the United States, Africa and […]

Artist Reception: Gottlieb Native Garden and National Parks of Alaska and Hawaii

Join The G2 Gallery in celebrating our two new exhibitions with participating artists.