Press Releases

Press Releases about upcoming, current and past gallery exhibitions and other events and announcements. For media inquiries, please contact Laurie O’Hara at

The G2 Gallery Presents Jennifer MaHarry: New Wilderness

Venice, CA — On August 8, The G2 Gallery will premiere New Wilderness, the latest photography collection from Jennifer MaHarry. Featuring a bold new take on traditional nature photography, New Wilderness presents eye-catching animal portraits on subtly manipulated backgrounds for a compelling overall effect. The spirit of the wild is celebrated and illuminated in the photography. Well-known for […]

The G2 Gallery Presents Cheyne Walls: Miles from Los Angeles

Venice, CA — On August 8, The G2 Gallery will present Cheyne Walls: Miles from Los Angeles. After exhibiting in multiple group shows, this will be Cheyne’s first solo show at The G2 Gallery. Miles from Los Angeles features breathtaking panoramic shots of the western United States, from Washington to Colorado to Hawaii, and also […]

The G2 Gallery Presents Susan McConnell: On the Shoulders of Giants

Venice, CA – On June 6, The G2 Gallery will open On the Shoulders of Giants, a photography exhibit by Susan McConnell about the grandeur, power and beauty of land’s largest mammal, the African elephant. As a neuroscientist and Professor of Biology at Stanford University, Susan combines her expertise in animal behavior with instinct and […]

The G2 Gallery Presents Roberto Cabral: Fragile Strength

Venice, CA – On June 6, The G2 Gallery will premiere Roberto Cabral: Fragile Strength. This new collection features endangered African animals with a fresh artistic approach and presents Roberto’s foray into conservation photography. Roberto’s interest in photography began as a high school hobby and has fueled a passionate lifelong love affair with photography. A […]

The G2 Gallery Will Remain Open

Venice, CA – Dan and Susan Gottlieb have announced that they will keep their G2 Gallery open! A bit of history: G2 was named for co-owners Dan and Susan Gottlieb. Dan had the passion for photography, Susan for environmental issues. The decision was made to close the gallery because Susan felt it was time to […]

The G2 Gallery Celebrates Its Nine Year Anniversary and Announces Transition to a Digital Platform

Venice, CA – Susan and Dan Gottlieb founded The G2 Gallery in 2008 to engage the hearts and minds of local Angelenos and to bring attention to critical environmental issues. They did this by showcasing the work of both celebrated and emerging nature and wildlife photographers, and by creating a space for artists and activists […]

Emerging IX: Holly Peskin

Venice, CA – On March 21, 2017, The G2 Gallery will open Emerging IX: Holly Peskin. G2’s annual Emerging exhibit showcases work from rising talents. For the ninth installment, local artist Holly Peskin will present predominately black and white avian photography of Southern Californian birds in all their glory. Peskin’s interest in photography began at […]

Andrei Duman: Aerials to Animals

Venice, CA – On March 21, 2017, The G2 Gallery will premiere Andrei Duman: Aerials to Animals, a collection of photographs from the popular Los Angeles-based artist. This is Duman’s second solo exhibition at G2 and will feature a variety of works from the travel and aerial photographer, including bold aerial shots, photos of African […]

The G2 Gallery Presents “The Gottlieb Native Garden” & “National Parks of Alaska and Hawaii”

Venice, CA – On January 14, The G2 Gallery will unveil two new exhibits, “The Gottlieb Native Garden” and “National Parks of Alaska and Hawaii.” “The Gottlieb Native Garden” celebrates the backyard garden of G2 Gallery owners Susan and Dan Gottlieb, and Susan’s new book: The Gottlieb Native Garden: A California Love Story. Susan and […]