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The G2 Gallery is proud to exhibit a wide variety of photographers, both emerging and established, local and international.


Our exhibits focus on conservation and the environment, using the beauty of our natural surroundings to shed light on critical issues. If you are a nature and wildlife photographer, please fill out the Jury Application below and submit a sample of your photography to be considered for a future exhibit.

Jury Application

G2 Mission

The G2 Gallery is an award-winning nature and wildlife photography gallery that facilitates change by bringing attention to environmental issues through the persuasive power of photographic art. G2 shares this passion with both celebrated and emerging environmental photographers, who use the camera as a tool to inspire conservation.

G2 donates all proceeds from sales of the art to environmental groups.

Application Criteria

Juried photographers must maintain full control over their images. They can use traditional film and chemical darkroom or digital processes. The photographer must be knowledgeable and proficient in all aspects of image capture, process and presentation and be able to reproduce all work presented. Specialty processes and alterations made to original images to include photo collages, composites, toning, tinting and hand coloring techniques are acceptable as long as the photographer owns the copyright to all images used and performs the work. Professional commercial labs can be used for printing in cases where specialty equipment, unique processes, or large scale sizes are required as long as original film or digital files created and managed by the photographer are used as masters. Examples of current photography prints are: silver, hand tinted silver, platinum, palladium, dye- transfer, carbon pigment, C-print, R-print, ink-jet, giclee and iris.

Prints should be presented with archival materials by mounting, matting and/or protected with clear bags, shrink wrapping or framing. Frames should be of quality metal or wood construction and complement the photography. Alternative display methods will be considered on an individual basis as new methods are developed.

Photographers are expected to sign photographs and label all work with information about themselves, materials used, processes and archival qualities. Open or limited edition prints should be specified, and if the latter, numbered by traditional standards. The photographer's work must demonstrate high technical proficiency with attention to composition, design, aesthetics and presentation. The work must show more than just technical proficiency or a reproduction of a recognized style. Photographic images should express the creator's personal style and demonstrate pre-visualization and state of the art processing standards. The completed product should be a lasting work with exhibition quality and visual impact.

For Main Gallery/Solo Exhibits:

  • Body of work represents nature or wildlife photography
  • Work is presented within framework of an environmental success or challenge
  • Documented printing and sales history
  • Current professional photography website

For Emerging Exhibits:

  • Body of work represents nature or wildlife photography
  • Work is presented within the framework of an environmental concept
  • Artist is in the first four years of their career in photography or is transitioning to a career in environmental photography

For Group/other exhibits:

  • Body of work represents nature or wildlife photography
  • Work is presented within the framework of an environmental concept
  • Work meets requirements of call for artist requested by The G2 Gallery
  • Current professional photography website

Application Process

The G2 Gallery will confirm receipt of the application. Any further communication will be at the discretion of The G2 Gallery. Phone, email and in-person inquiries regarding application status are not accepted. Please be advised that juries are held as needed and turnaround times for application review vary. We recommend re-applying annually as the needs of the gallery change as do photographers' projects.

Artists selected for exhibition understand and will comply with the following stipulations:

  • Provide image portfolio to curator for exhibit selection
  • Comply with curator's image choices
  • Deliver all images requested at sizes requested (typically between 11"x14"- 40"x60")
  • Provide all images in exhibit as digital files (8"x10" at 300 dpi) for marketing purposes at least two months prior to exhibit opening with images titles as image file name
  • Comply with curator’s and graphic designer’s choices for promotional and press material
  • Provide image sizing and pricing structure three months prior to exhibit opening
  • Provide mailing lists and information regarding any marketing partnerships two months prior to exhibit opening
  • Attend all receptions and exhibit-related events
  • Contribute to the success of all receptions and exhibit related events by doing outreach to client and other networks
  • Provide detailed inventory list one month prior to exhibit delivery
  • Process all sales of exhibited artwork through the G2 Gallery

The artist understands that s/he is responsible for:

  • Exhibit production costs including printing, matting, framing and shipping costs including transportation to and from venue and all special orders.

G2 Gallery artists are expected to maintain a level of integrity when discussing and interacting with The G2 Gallery, its staff, and its current, past and future artists. Any prospective artist who shows disrespect toward any of the above parties will not be considered for exhibition.

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