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Born in Chicago, Daniel Gottlieb grew up spending hours in the Field Museum of Natural History and the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. He is a 1965 graduate of Boalt Hall Law School and thereafter served for four years as a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney. In 1976 Dan co-founded a realty corporation that continues to thrive today and by the end of the 1990’s Dan had also served 6 years on the Board of Directors for the U.S chamber of commerce. Throughout his schooling Dan developed an interest in photography, an activity he nurtured as he began his professional life. Embracing the advancement in technology Dan’s focus turned to digital photography and fine-tuning his images into finished prints. The Gottlieb’s shared interest in photography and conservation became the catalyst for the founding of the G2 Gallery. Together they continue to document their extensive travels with camera in hand.


El Dorado Nature Center
7550 E. Spring Street
Long Beach, CA 90815
Email: info@longbeach.gov
Hours of operation Tuesday – Sunday 8:30am – 4:00pm

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