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The G2 Gallery is honored to premiere Roberto Cabral’s first conservation photography collection. Fragile Strength encourages the viewer to see both the immense strength and delicacy of Africa’s most iconic and endangered animals, from towering giraffes to colossal gorillas. Roberto incorporated fine art elements, opting to shoot in black and white, to elevate the collection and the message behind it. The artist believes that the fate of these incredible animals is in our hands, and the choice to do nothing or to act is one of the most important decisions of our time. Roberto Cabral: Fragile Strength will be on view through Saturday, August 5, 2017.

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About Roberto Cabral

Roberto Cabral is a professional photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. His childhood obsession with photography led him to a rewarding career as a glamour and beauty photographer. In 2005, his love of dogs and success as a photographer and martial arts instructor led him to found Bound Angels, an animal rescue organization dedicated to saving abandoned dogs. Roberto sees his newfound devotion to conservation photography as an extension of his passion for animal rights.

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