About The Exhibit

Following our yearlong exhibit series, 100 Years of National Parks in 2016, we are dedicating three rooms to the national parks of Alaska and Hawaii. When they became part of the United States in 1959, they offered Americans vastly different landscapes and new frontiers to explore.

This exhibit is composed of 41 images from 20 photographers, including National Geographic photographers and a Galen Rowell award winner, and highlights the intrinsic beauty of both states. For the most part, Alaska’s eight national parks have arctic and subarctic climates with pockets of oceanic conditions, while Hawaii’s eight national parks have multiple climates ranging from tundra to arid depending on elevation.

The National Parks of Alaska and Hawaii’s photographs of burning volcanoes, majestic moose, tranquil beaches and dense glaciers showcase the country’s geographic spectrum and the 3,072 mile distance our award-winning artists traveled to get the incredible images presented in this exhibition of America’s 49th and 50th states.

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