About The Exhibit

The latest collection from Jennifer MaHarry, New Wilderness, features a bold, new take on traditional nature photography with eye-catching animal portraits on subtly manipulated backgrounds for a compelling overall effect. The spirit of the wild is celebrated and illuminated in her photography. Well-known for clean and unique compositions of wild horses, canids, bears and birds of prey as preferred subjects, Jennifer’s new work artfully includes abstracted graphics and textures, alluding to possible dangers threatening the existence of these animals. The added elements encourage viewers to linger and take a second look, discovering for themselves the hidden message behind each image. As with her past exhibitions, New Wilderness continues the theme of hinting at how human activities impact wildlife. Jennifer hopes this show will spark conversations that lead to the preservation of our environment and prevent the harmful development of wildlife habitats.

About the Artist

Jennifer MaHarry is a photographer and graphic designer based in Culver City, California. In 2000, Jennifer founded Eden Creative where she designs movie posters for Hollywood studios. A graduate of Syracuse University, Jennifer has also exhibited at the Autry Museum, the Kingston Museum of Contemporary Art, The Wilding Museum, LA Art Show, and The Great Hall Museum, as well as other galleries. Her work has been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Laika Magazine, Audubon Magazine, and Ellen TV. She continues to document the plight of wild mustangs throughout the United States.

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