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The G2 Gallery is pleased to present The Gottlieb Native Garden: A Closer Look featuring Scott Logan, a photography exhibit showcasing the renowned Gottlieb Native Garden in Beverly Hills, with macrophotography providing a “closer look” at insects and plants native to the Los Angeles region.

The Gottlieb Native Garden: A Closer Look featuring Scott Logan takes a deeper survey of the backyard garden of G2 Gallery owners Susan and Dan Gottlieb. A Xerces Society-designated Pollinator Habitat and an official National Wildlife Federation Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat, the Gottlieb Native Garden is home to a stunning array of wildlife not typically found in a metropolitan city. Logan’s exhibition shows what’s possible when gardening for wildlife.

The Gottlieb Native Garden is fully mature, filled with plants native to Southern California, attracting birds, insects, and other creatures indigenous to the area. Logan has been working in this vibrant ecosystem, finding species and documenting them in numerous ways, most notably photography.

His macrophotography features close-ups of insects and plants native to the Los Angeles region, photographing live creatures in a studio and then using stacking techniques to keep the entire image in focus revealing remarkable details. Photographs by Dan and Susan Gottlieb center on the flora and fauna found in this urban oasis.

“Nature is all around us,” says Scott Logan. “It’s captivating to take a closer look and see how interesting these tiny things are.”

By bringing attention to the microscopic parts of the smallest critters found in our ecosystem, Logan hopes to leave viewers with an enhanced interest and understanding of our fascinating world. He has educated communities about nature and wildlife for years, and sees his photography as an extension of that passion for connecting enthusiasts to the indigenous creatures and plants of Southern California.

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