About The Exhibit

The G2 Gallery is proud to present Designed Environment, a group photography exhibit exploring apophenia, the human tendency to perceive and assign meaning to patterns in our environment.

Commonly occurring shapes, sequences and designs are everywhere in nature. From mineral striations in bedrock and austere monadnocks, to billowing fog and windswept sand dunes, Designed Environment centers on the abstract and uncovers meaning, often revealing beauty in apparent chaos.

“Frequently, architecture borrows from nature,” says Curator Monika Basse.” Designed Environment turns that notion on its head by finding ways nature mimics architecture. In a metropolitan city like Los Angeles, it’s normal for urban environments to feel more familiar. By highlighting geometric shapes and undulating patterns in this exhibit, we can become reacquainted with the natural world.”

Designed Environment features 36 captivating photographs by 28 artists, including National Geographic photographers, a Photokina award winner, and world renowned photographic luminaries Ansel Adams and Art Wolfe. From self-taught photographers to a Brooks Institute of Photography graduate, and from aerospace engineers to an expedition doctor, there is a wealth of varying perspectives portrayed through the images in this exhibit.

Through these photographs, we can decipher the concealed patterns found in our metropolitan surroundings and rediscover the beauty found in nature that is apparent all around us.

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