About The Exhibit

The G2 Gallery is thrilled to present Cheyne Walls’ first solo exhibit at this gallery. Miles from Los Angeles features panoramic shots of the western United States, from Washington to Colorado to Hawaii, and showcases photographs from Cheyne’s recently published homonymous book. The exhibit celebrates nature and beautifully captures awe-inspiring vistas unique to the West, which boasts some of the most diverse landscapes, all within a relatively short distance from Los Angeles. From the world’s largest trees in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, to the lowest elevation point in the Western Hemisphere in Death Valley National Park, to lava-covered landscapes on Hawaii’s shores, there is no shortage of inspiration for Cheyne. At the end of each adventurous trip, Cheyne feels fortunate returning to Los Angeles, knowing his next amazing destination isn’t far away. By sharing these astonishing photographs, Cheyne hopes to inspire fellow Los Angelenos to explore our great outdoors. For him, the best reward is if his images inspire someone to re-discover nature and visit the locations he captured in his photography.

About the Artist

Cheyne Walls is a photographer based in Laguna Beach, CA. He attended the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, which led him to a brief career as an automotive photographer. Cheyne’s true passion is landscape photography, and his images have won numerous awards, including Epson International Pano Awards, Stu News Photograph of the Year, and Professional Photographers of America International Photography Competition. He also has been honored by the International Photography Awards and Forum Photography Magazine’s Photograph of the Year Contest. Cheyne has exhibited his work internationally and is one of the youngest photographers to receive these accolades.

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