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With over ten years of work, photographer Andrei Duman has traveled to over 70 countries to photograph his vision of the world. Andrei’s images are about capturing familiar subjects in an unfamiliar way, whether it is abstract landscape photography or finding the human connection with members of a secluded village. The G2 Gallery dedicates three rooms to exhibit Andrei’s unique and diverse content in Andrei Duman: Aerials to Animals.

For his work in the Galapagos Islands, Andrei approached his subjects more intimately, immersing himself in the island’s wildlife by practicing stillness to comfort the animals while in their presence, like his life-long hero Sir David Attenborough. Since he was a child, Andrei dreamed of photographing the marine iguanas on the islands, and with the help of his state of the art Phase One camera he was able to capture these animals in such detail that even their individual scales are in sharp focus. His aim was to capture their prehistoric look by photographing the iguanas on their level, low to the ground – ignoring the corner stone composition technique, “rule of thirds.”

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After landing in Maasai Mara, Kenya, Andrei was immediately in awe of the African animal kingdom in its natural state. Admittedly powerless when photographing wildlife, Andrei’s images are born out of sitting with the animals for great lengths of time. Connecting to the animal and understanding its movements are his way of keeping his subjects unhampered yet able to be photographed in a clear and focused way. It was this patience that allowed him the ability to capture a fleeting moment of stillness from a rambunctious juvenile gorilla in Uganda; or watch a mother cheetah teach her two cubs how to hunt while in Serengeti.

Andrei went in a different direction while photographing in the United States, deciding to avoid ground level views of landscapes and vast, wide-angle lenses. Instead, he photographed landscapes such as Owens Lake, California from the air while hanging out of doorless helicopters and small planes, resulting in abstract aerial photography that highlights the landscape’s dominating hues and shapes. While it’s a dangerous and expensive method of photographing, Andrei loves the freedom and focus he feels while shooting at high altitudes.

Ultimately Andrei’s images have a common thread of soulful connection. No matter how far he has traveled into the secluded corners of the world, Andrei’s work is a reminder of our planet’s greater and deeper bonds.

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About Andrei Duman

Andrei Duman is an aerial, landscape, wildlife and travel photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Born in Romania and raised in England, Andrei has always seen the world through compositions; as a child he imagined how he would frame every animal he encountered. His passion for photographing continued to grow when he began traveling to Asia and Europe on business as an investment banker, inspiring him to turn his adoration of capturing images into a career.

Andrei began photographing with simple “point and shoot” cameras in 2000. He developed his niche in the photography world by photographing whenever possible, finding people, places and animals that are unique and represent the remote parts of the world he visits. Now Andrei shoots with more intention, deciding on the most effective lenses and camera settings to capture the pulse and spirit of his subjects.

While there is a wide range of styles in Andrei’s body of work, he has always had an affinity for abstract photographs. A life-long fan of the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, Andrei loves the idea of an un-manipulated image that seems surreal or abstract because of its composition, most notable in his aerial landscape photography. His attention to lines, shapes and hues in his images also give ordinary subject matter a fresh perspective.

Today, Andrei ventures to less explored corners of the world, hoping to give a voice to secluded cultures, wildlife and landscapes. His goal as a photographer is to share his unique vision of the world, hoping to make people have a more personal connection to their natural surroundings. In his ten years of photography, Andrei has had his images published in numerous publications including Business Insider, Readers Digest, The Daily Mail and Bing.com. His photographic work is on display at the Andrei Duman Gallery, located in Woodland Hills, CA.

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