...and you should too!

“The Stand” by Susan McConnell is a call to us to take a stand to help these endangered animals.

When it comes to supporting art and the environment, The G2 Gallery occupies a unique niche in Los Angeles.  One-hundred percent of the proceeds raised by the gallery through the sale of art, certain merchandise, event tickets and more is donated to 501c3 animal welfare and environmental charities.  A different charity is selected for each exhibit.

The proceeds from our current exhibit, which includes Susan McConnell’s On the Shoulders of Giants and Roberto Cabral’s Fragile Strength will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network’s Elephant Crisis Fund.

The Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) is a US based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that partners with conservationists from around the world.  The WCN is dedicated to developing community-based projects to help wildlife and people co-exist.  They do this by providing its partners capital, strategic capacity-building services, training, and operational support.  WCN has been given a number one rating amongst wildlife conservation charities, with four stars and a perfect 100 score, on Charity Navigator.

The Wildlife Conservation Network identifies high-potential conservationists and projects to give them the support they need to effectively run their programs.  They form partnerships with a select number of field-based conservation projects committed to protecting endangered wildlife.

The G2 Gallery will be donating all proceeds from its current exhibit to WCN’s project, the Elephant Crisis Fund.  The G2 Gallery selected this fund in response to the present situation of Africa’s elephants – they could disappear from much of the wild within a generation, a fact that is hauntingly and artistically presented in Susan McConnell’s “ghostly images” on display at The G2 Gallery.

Nighttime Blur by Susan McConnell hauntingly captures the potential twilight of these beautiful creatures at the hands of poachers and a greedy ivory market.

Sadly, a virulent wave of poaching is threatening these iconic creatures.  It is estimated that an elephant is killed for its ivory every 15 minutes.  Driving the killing is a complex, international ivory trade that thrives on poverty, corruption, and greed.

But there is hope. Conservation organizations and communities, scientists and governments, are all uniting behind a common strategy to stop the killing, the trafficking, and the demand for ivory.  The Elephant Crisis Fund—a joint initiative of Save the Elephants and the Wildlife Conservation Network—exists to fuel this coalition, encourage collaboration, and deliver rapid impact on the ground.

The Elephant Crisis Fund has but one goal: to end the ivory crisis.  The G2 Gallery encourages you to donate to this worthy cause.  And remember, when you purchase a piece of art from the current exhibit the proceeds will be donated by The G2 Gallery to the WCN’s Elephant Crisis Fund.  Visit The G2 Gallery today!

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