Focus by Jennifer MaHarry

I’ve heard a specious little rumor that sometimes the appreciation of art is perceived by some as presumptuous or pretentious.  In an effort to disabuse potential patrons of this baseless belief, The G2 Gallery launched a series of what we are fond of calling “casual encounters with art.”  These friendly interactions, called Artist Talks, allow patrons to get up-close to both the art and the artist.

You are invited to our next encounter on Thursday, October 7 at 6:30 p.m. with Jennifer MaHarry.  Jennifer is celebrating her latest body of work, a bold new exhibit titled New Wilderness.  This Artist Talk will permit participants to view subject matter they have come to love presented in a new and forceful way.

As a recognized graphic designer in the LA film industry, Jennifer brings her remarkable talents to bear in portraying the life and death struggle of America’s wildlife through her photography.

You will be inspired by “majestic, magical, spirited creatures” as they spring to life in her photographs surrounded almost imperceptibly by the many perils that threaten their very existence.

It’s not too late to RSVP for your casual encounter with art and Jennifer MaHarry at JenniferMaHarry-Eventbrite.

All proceeds from all art sales during this exhibit benefit the National Wildlife Federation.

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