Mountain Lion by Jennifer MaHarry

The G2 Gallery is delighted to present Jennifer MaHarry’s collection “New Wilderness”.  This bold new approach to capturing images of wild animals with secreted messages concerning oil pipelines, logging, cattle ranching, pesticide sprays and other man-made threats to North America’s wildlife will challenge your complacency and inspire you to protect these beautiful animals.

In a recent Los Angeles Daily News article by Sandra Barrera, titled, A closer look at ‘New Wilderness’ exhibit images reveal predators and environmental threats, Jennifer explained her quest to stand up for these animals in the hope that “people would care if they knew about what’s going on, so [she] amped up the message by spelling it out.”

She goes on to say, “I’m hoping people won’t just look at the image, but that they’ll take a second glance and find the secret messages within the borders.”

Viewers can get an up-close look when MaHarry celebrates her latest body of work with a ticketed opening reception Saturday, August 12th at the G2 Gallery, where the show and art sale is on view through Oct. 8.  All proceeds benefit the National Wildlife Federation.

The G2 Gallery is excited for its patrons to see subject matter that they have come to love presented in a new and dynamic way.

Jennifer is a recognized graphic designer in the LA film industry.  She brings her remarkable talents to play by telling the life and death story of America’s wildlife through her photography.

You will be inspired by these “majestic, magical, spirited creatures” that she brings to life while explaining the perils that confront all animals in the wild.

As she puts it, “I’m just trying to make beautiful images that pull people in so that they care about these animals.”

It’s not too late to RSVP at Eventbrite.  I hope to see you this evening at The G2 Gallery with Jennifer MaHarry!

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