About Tom Daniel

In the early 1980s Tom Daniel began bringing cameras on his trips to the arctic, whitewater boating, and hiking in the American Southwest. By 1993, he had become more serious about his photography, and expanded his equipment to include a Mamiya 6x7cm medium format camera and later 4×5 large format view camera. The use of medium and large format cameras, slow fine grain film, and the patience to pay attention to details are the ingredients for producing his sharp vivid landscape images. Tom has studied nature and landscape photography with Gary Ladd, Jerry Sieve, Jack Dykinga, and the legendary David Muench as well as Royal Photographic Society Fellow Joe Cornish. While all scenic locations interest him, Tom is most prolific and creative in a desert environment, particularly the American Southwest. As one who likes variety, Tom also photographs extensively in coastal New England, Michigan, Nova Scotia, and Scotland.

Exhibits Taken Part In