About Susan Gottlieb

Susan Gottlieb is a passionate environmentalist and co-founder of The G2 Gallery along with her husband, Dan. Originally from Quebec, Canada, Susan relocated from her family’s remote log cabin to the urban sprawl of Los Angeles to work in the medical field. Susan retired after nearly 25 years as a registered nurse, shifting her focus to philanthropy and becoming an accomplished skier and a dazzling belly dancer. She is on the President’s Council for National Wildlife Federation, and on the Board of Directors for Audubon California and Friends of Ballona Wetlands. She and Dan also support many other environmental organizations.

Susan has been photographing nature and wildlife for almost four decades, both on trips abroad and in her own backyard. In the mid 80s, Susan began the process of creating what is now an award-winning native garden. Her backyard has been profiled in The New York Times and is a regular stop on garden tours. Certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a Wildlife Habitat and by the Xerces Society as a Pollinator habitat, Susan’s yard is a home to hummingbirds, butterflies, lizards and many other creatures, and she uses it as a platform to educate others about the importance of native plants.