About Moshe Levis

Moshe Levis’s talent of photography is exposed by capturing Mother Nature’s most amazing creations: majestic mountains, magical waterfalls, natural lakes and rivers, animals, and more. His journey started after a moving from Israel to the United States. Experiencing the large open spaces, the green fields and the ever-changing landscapes urged him to start capturing them and share his photos with the world. Photographing the breathtaking landscapes and amazing wildlife is something that Moshe just can’t get enough of. From all his creative works, Moshe always finds himself going back to his real passion in life – photography. Moshe captures moments in order to express how he sees our planet – a beautiful home for us all, a place that may one day stop existing. These photos are captured to show the world what future generations may one day miss, and to make people want to preserve our planet and crave traveling to all the wonderful places Moshe has experienced.

Exhibits Taken Part In