About Jan Bell

Jan Bell’s work reveals an intimate view of the natural world, reaching into the subtle beauty within a form. Each photo represents an opportunity to consider the subject, almost apart from its meaning or function. Whether it be the inner folds of a plant, a sand-swept dune, or a distant coastline, Jan reveals only as much as he cares to share. Jan’s love of the wilderness has been a constant throughout his life. His pursuit of landscape images has taken him all over North America, typically photographing for weeks or months at a time. This love of the land, coupled with a love of fine art photography, combine to make his expressive prints. Throughout Bell’s sixteen-year career, his work has exhibited in various galleries throughout the U.S. His work has been published in Black & White magazine as well as several books. He has garnered numerous awards, with the Ansel Adams Award topping the list for his “Agave” photo.

Exhibits Taken Part In