About Holly Peskin

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Holly Peskin has been shooting images since her first photography class at 14 years old. She was instantly recognized for her eye, winning Outstanding Project in the California State Fair photography competition.

As an adult, Holly photographed on film up until 10 years ago when she switched to digital including editing software on her computer. Now with this new technical knowledge, Holly’s creative vision could be fully realized for the first time in her career. Holly was able to capture photographs of birds, a sprightly subject matter that seemed impossible to shoot in focus in the past.

Holly began photographing birds when her father suffered a stroke and was living in an assisted-living care facility. During this emotionally challenging time, Holly found the birds outside the windows to be a reprieve; a symbol of freedom while wrestling with her father’s immobility. Eventually Holly began photographing the wading birds at oceans, lakes and other bodies of water. She fell in love with how active and quirky their antics were and tried capturing that dynamic behavior as well as the tenderness of their nesting periods.

Birds have taught Holly to be more empathetic towards all of nature. As a result of intimately photographing birds Holly has developed stronger friendships with fellow admirers.