About Don Whitebread

Don Whitebread is a photographer and author based in Mountain View, California. He has consistently and passionately made photographs since his teens. Don’s main background is in the sciences; he practiced dentistry for many years, but always with a full darkroom in the back of the office. He committed to photography full time a few years ago to concentrate on projects like his “Starlight” series of night photography. He is largely self-taught through reading, collaboration and experimentation, and has received valuable knowledge and inspiration from study with John Sexton, Ray MacSavaney, Brigitte Carnochan, and Mark Nelson. Recent accomplishments include solo exhibits at the World Affairs Council, the San Francisco Airport Museum, and The Image Flow gallery. He has also participated in group exhibits at the Center for Photographic Art, Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, The G2 Gallery, Etherton Gallery, and Yosemite Renaissance. “Starlight” has been published by Lenswork and Black and White magazines, and appeared online in Adore Noir and Viewfind. His work has received awards from the Center for Photographic Art, Black and White magazine, the Black and White Spider Awards, and the Photography Masters Cup Awards. He has taught workshops in night photography, published articles in Luminous Landscape and Photo Techniques, and has spoken about his photography at the World Affairs Council and the Sierra Club Headquarters in San Francisco.

Exhibits Taken Part In