About Andrei Duman

Andrei Duman is an aerial, landscape, wildlife and travel photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Born in Romania and raised in England, Andrei has always seen the world through compositions; as a child he imagined how he would frame every animal he encountered. His passion for photographing continued to grow when he began traveling the world in his early tennis career and on business as an investment banker. These experiences inspired him to turn his adoration of capturing images into a career.

While there is a wide range of styles in Andrei’s body of work, he has always had an affinity for abstract photographs. A life-long fan of the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, Andrei loves the idea of an un-manipulated image that seems surreal or abstract because of its composition, most notable in his aerial landscape photography. His attention to lines, shapes and hues in his images also give ordinary subject matter a fresh perspective.

Today, Andrei ventures to less explored corners of the world, hoping to give a voice to secluded cultures, wildlife and landscapes. His goal as a photographer is to share his unique vision of the world, hoping to make people have a more personal connection to their natural surroundings. In his ten years of photographing, Andrei has had his images published in numerous publications including Business Insider, Readers Digest, The Daily Mail and Bing.com. His photographic work is on display at the Andrei Duman Gallery, located in Woodland Hills, CA.

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