About Alan Ross

Internationally renowned photographer Alan Ross honed his craft alongside one of the greatest photographers in the world: Ansel Adams. Alan learned from the master artist by working in Adams’s darkroom as a specially selected assistant. During this time, Alan absorbed everything he could from Adams, fine-tuning his own photographic skills along the way. In 1975, Alan was personally chosen by Adams to print the Yosemite Special Edition negatives. He remains the sole printer of the collection to this day.

Based in Sante Fe, New Mexico, Alan exhibits his black and white photography at a number of venues across the country, and his images are part of various permanent collections, including those at the Yale Museum of Art, Princeton Museum of Art, Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, Arizona, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Alan also hosts workshops in which he imparts the vast photographic knowledge he’s acquired over the years from both Ansel Adams and his own unique exploits.

Exhibits Taken Part In